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Passion Fruit, Guava, Raspberry Mumbo Jumbo / Fruited Gose

Passion Fruit, Guava, Raspberry Mumbo Jumbo / Fruited Gose

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Fruited Gose / 6.% / 44 cl

This beer is part of the big fruited gose series; Mumbo Jumbo. Every Mumbo Jumbo is made with heaps and heaps of fruit. This full bodied, lightly sour and salty gose is brewed with passion fruit, guava & raspberry.

Ingredients: water, BARLEY (BYG, KORN, BYGG, OHRA, CEBADA, ORGE, ORZO, GERST, GERSTE), WHEAT, (H)VETE, VEHNÄ, TRIGO, DU BLÉ, GRANO, TARWE, WEIZEN, red currant, black currant, hops, lactobacillus (souring culture), salt


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