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Mumbo Jumbo Bundle

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5 Mumbo Jumbo Beers, 6%

The beers in the Mumbo Jumbo series have swiftly become ÅBEN's favorites. Their eye-catching, quirky, and charming design is hard to miss, and the beers themselves are bursting with flavor, fruitiness, and a touch of funk. The series consists of 5 different Mumbo Jumbo beers, eact a Fruited Gose with added fruit and a touch of sea salt, and all at 6.0% ABV.

With this bundle, you'll receive all five Mumbo Jumbo beers. Enjoy the opportunity to taste them side by side, uncovering the distinct flavors that each beer has to offer.

Mumbo Jumbo #1: Passion Fruit, Guava & Raspberry
Mumbo Jumbo #2: Red & Black Currant
Mumbo Jumbo #3: Peach, Mango & Lime
Mumbo Jumbo #4: Blackberry, Ginger & Lime
Mumbo Jumbo #5: Apricot, Peach & Sour Cherries



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