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Movers & Shakers

Movers & Shakers

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For you -or your company- who consider yourself as a believer and a supporter of strong initiatives. This package is for all movers and shakers out there who initiates events and influences people. Make a difference with DKK 50,000 and:

  • Get the opportunity to brew your own beer with expert guidance from our Head Brewer or ÅBENs founder Philip Hulgaard. You will get the chance to brew the beer at ÅBENs new brewery in Copenhagen, which will open its doors this summer. 
  • You will get to decide the name of the beer and get a special designed label.
  • On the brewing day you can bring up to 30 people and will receive free food and beer for everyone throughout the day
  • When the brew is finished you can choose to receive it on 4 kegs (4x30L), 12 boxes (of 24 beers) or a mix. 
  • When you make the donation, you receive 4 boxes of ÅBENs current selection, so you can start looking forward to the big brewing day.

If you are interested in supporting the brewery through the Movers & Shakers package, please contact us via e-mail info@aabenbryg.dk to learn more and so we can arrange further.